Outside of Holy Trinity showing the apartment block

Holy Trinity Church has been in Cannes since the early 1860s, originally serving the British people who came to winter here. In the early days, the church often closed down over the summer months, but soon became an all-year-round community. The current Rue Pasteur at the end of our block was called Rue de la Sainte-Trinité (after our church) until 1922.

The clergy and building were provided by the “Colonial and Continental Church Society” (now the Intercontinental Church Society), with a distinctive evangelical Anglican ethos. The congregation expanded, and a larger Victorian Gothic church was built in 1874. At the time there were three other Anglican churches in Cannes!

The British Community was diminished through the two world wars, and by the 1960s the building needed radical repairs beyond the congregation’s ability. So the site was sold to a developer, with the current building provided as part of the deal. It was opened in 1972, providing facilities for a wider range of church and community activities.

Holy Trinity continues to be a place where English-speakers can meet and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. The church now includes people from many different nationalities and Christian traditions, and serves permanent residents and visitors from Cannes and the surrounding region.

Board showing permanent chplains of Holy Trinity from 1878

What is ICS?

ICS (the Intercontinental Church Society) is an evangelical Anglican mission society which supports the permanent ministry of many English-speaking international congregations and also supports seasonal ministry to holiday makers in the Mediterranean and other parts of Europe.

ICS has worked amongst English speaking people since 1823, establishing and ensuring continuity of ministry in hundreds of churches. This work is enabled by the prayer and financial support of both individuals and churches.

For more information see the ICS website.