Central Var

Central Var Fellowship Group

From September we hope to have a twice a month English language fellowship group in the Lorgues and central Var area. This program will be run by Chris and Alison Walley under the authority of Holy Trinity Church Cannes.

The general format has been approved by both Giles Williams as Area Dean and Archdeacon Peter Hooper.

  • We will aim to meet twice a month in daytime during the week – the second and fourth Fridays. Dates until Christmas are:
September 10th November 12th
24th 26th
October 8th December 10th
22nd 24th

The last is Christmas Eve so whether we’d do anything is uncertain!

What and where

  • Initially at least the location will be homes and we will aim to alternate between a number of venues depending on availability and issues such as car parking. The September meetings will take place at Chris and Alison’s house in Lorgues.
  • The two meetings each month will be different. The first will be a communion service conducted by someone with an Anglican Permission to Officiate. It will include a talk and possibly a time of open prayer. The second will be a straightforward discussion study based on a Bible passage or theme with prayer.
  • At the moment the best time seems to be from 11 o’clock Friday morning with coffee and chat from 10:30. Each meeting will be followed by a communal meal which will be a simple bring-and-share affair. We will aim to start and end promptly, finishing by 1:30 at the latest.
  • For the welfare and comfort of everyone we will be making it a rule (at least for the time being) that attendees should be doubly-vaccinated against Covid. We will be checking the latest government guidance on what we should be doing.
  • In order to keep people up to date with what’s happening and to provide some prayer and pastoral support we intend building up an email list and a WhatsApp group. This will also serve as a way to keep everybody in touch and a channel for prayer requests.
  • We will be taking up a small collection at each meeting to cover costs of the visiting chaplain, photocopying, etc.

Although we are open to the group developing into something bigger, better and more formal, for the moment this is all it is envisaged. Let’s get this moving!


Please contact the church secretary for further details.